Well over 52 years ago in the 1962 World Cup in Chile afternoon of June 3 , the Soviet Union against Colombia in the second round group match of the two teams. The minutes of this myth arose in the 68th minute of the game at that time was the Soviet sbo lead to 4-1.

Recalls since the whistle sounded Valentin Ivanov two goals for the Soviets took the lead from the first 8 minutes before the devil bears to drill another two tablets side by side in the 10th minute of Igor Kim Lane . spruce and Ivanov sbo original two-door , two of its own a few seconds later.

Called the score 3-0 at 11 minutes for this sbo if the football fans barely out of the field since the end of the first half.

But at the end of 45 minutes, in fact, it moved closer to 1-3 by Colombia regain it from sbo Mukherjee ASEM Cross in the middle of the first half.

Return to game Half whistle sounded Viktor posts Pinedale Nick sbo gave way to the more constricted Colombia is 4-1 in the 56th minute and then …

22 minutes left in the third Colombia has the corner on the left side , Marcos Galle served on the right into the penalty area. And not by intention or not, it ‘s not strong enough to float sbo ball falls near the first pillar .

Of slow motion … the ball bounced toward the side entrance door . Modulators of the Soviet pole run slow and not extracted. Because as the keeper behind him is not difficult. But I realized that my friend ‘s side as it lurched to extract sbo come. Ball then bounced into the goal to lose !

It is called The Olympic or Olympic Goal is to score from a corner kick itself. Sbo 84-year history of the World Cup final, this has happened once .

Add a classic match that went to this door . This game is not for the Soviet goalkeeper nicknamed . As the owner of the nickname sbo ” Black Octopus ” who is regarded as the best defense in the 20th century , Lev Pharmaceuticals Shin enough.

Finally, the score ended in a tie 4-4 game , in addition to bestowing the sbo it has been recorded as a match is always the most aesthetically as well ( reign ) .

The origin of the name ” the Olympics ” harkens back to October 2, 1924 in a friendly game between Argentina and Uruguay sbo at Buenos Aires. Score ended 2-1 home win .

The door from the corner of the net spin in quite Cesare O on football Rosary – blue and white , which happened this game. For the first time the world heard the name. ” The Olympics ” because a few months earlier sbo Uruguay recently won gold. 1924 Olympic Games in Paris

Drill team called the Olympic champion has yet commercially sbo I gave it a go … Olympic Goal
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